The Future of Diagnostics is “Personal”

The biotechnology wave is similar to the IT wave of the 1980s and 1990s. “Dietmar Hopp”

Bionovate Technologies Corp

Focuses on investments and the marketing of patents and licenses which bring healthcare and lifestyle diagnostics to your mobile device.

With strong emphasis on digital transformation, the company intends to build an FDA-approved ecosystem of medical devices, biosensors and mobile applications to turn tests that were previously only done in physical labs into tests that can be carried through by anyone with a mobile device.

Innovations in this field are transforming some of the most promising, high-growth-opportunity segments in the medical device market worldwide.

Aleksandar Vucak, CEO

The CEO of Bionovate Technologies Corp. has a long track record as an entrepreneur and serial founder with many years of national and international experience.

He proved to be successful in implementing growth strategies and establishing and developing new business areas and companies, which led to multiple exits. He has been a Strategic Advisor and then Chairman of the Management Board with the world’s leading tourism group, and multi-billion dollar company TUI, and CEO of their Germany e-commerce division.

His extensive experience in implementing and executing strategy changes and managing change processes as well as his competence in leading international teams and in managing large projects in complex organizations since have led to a growing number of founding activities and investments which he now strategically realigns under the umbrella of the Bionovate Technologies Corp.

A publicly traded company

Bionovate Technologies Corp. predecessor was founded in 2010 and now strategically plans to invest in startups in Europe in the health and life care sector and focus its investments strategy towards on-demand healthcare services. In addition, Bionovate focuses on the marketing of patents and licenses which bring healthcare and lifestyle diagnostics to the smartphone.

Bionovate contributes both capital and management expertise to its portfolio companies with the objective of directing strategic, operational and financial improvements, typically through initiatives that drive growth, margin improvement and asset efficiency.

Value Creation

Bionovate Technologies Corp. adopts a hands-on approach to its portfolio companies. As a result, Bionovate is focusing on increasing the asset value through increasing the profits by radically optimizing the unit economics of its portfolio companies, but also through controlled expansion or financial leverage.

Bionovate targets early stage companies with the disruptive potential for leadership positions in their respective industry segments, typically with strong brand or market share potential. These startups often have strong foundations, but typically lack certain key attributes required to transition the company successfully to the next level of size, sophistication and geographic scope.

Bionovate seeks to professionalize these companies and build scale through providing financial and intellectual capital as well as enhancing control through management, governance and system or technology improvements. Such initiatives afford premium returns at exit.